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Early Language Q&A: My 12 month old daughter is not talking at all only babbling


My 12 month old daughter is not talking at all, only babbling. But some of her friends are only a few months older and they have dozens of words. Should I be concerned?

I don’t work outside the home, but I’m wondering if should put my baby daycare to help her speech development?

What about educational TV?


She sounds fine! There aren’t many milestones for 12 month olds for speech, except they should be babbling, demonstrating that they can hear speech, and at least interested in communicating with other people.

Babies do not need daycare to help their speech and language development. Instead of daycare, she should be exposed to other kids at events like birthday parties and church so they can watch them. But the important goals for this age are bonding and playing with parents.

And she definitely doesn’t need TV.
Research shows that those baby Einstein movies decrease children’s language and intelligence scores instead of increasing as advertised. Kids don’t gain any language or cognitive skills from educational TV until their language skills are at or above a FOUR year old level. TV or computers are not needed until age four, even then books and interaction with people are more beneficial.

If you do want to encourage faster speech development with your baby, I suggest using Baby Sign. I recommend Joseph Garcia’s Sign with your Baby book and DVD.

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