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Free Speech Therapy Software

Free Speech Therapy Software

There are many types of free speech therapy software to choose from. Depending on your goals, you may not need special online software, but instead may have success using speech therapy games, toys, cds or dvds. Below are samples of online tools and downloadable freeware and free speech therapy software:

  • Bungalow software offers speech & language therapy software on a trial CD. While the trial cd isnt free, they do offer free consultation to help you find the best speech therapy software adn with any software purchase they refund the purchase price of the trial speech therapy software CD.
  • Video Voice Speech Training System – The Video Voice Speech Training System speech therapy software offers a free 30 day trial of its video voice speech training system. This software turns your computer into a powerful, comprehensive speech development tool.  The displays and games enhance therapy results with speech issues related to autism, apraxia, head injury, stroke, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, oral motor articulation deficits, mental or emotional disabilities, and more. Therapist-defined content and adaptable operation make it useful for ages ranging from early childhood through geriatric.
  • Studycard Studio Lite speech therapy software allows you to create, study and memorize multimedia flashcards, quizzes, tests, and tutorials, including picture and sound identification and more. A Palm OS companion study application is included for free. Studycard Studio Lite is for educators and students, or anyone who has something to memorize.
  • Speech 1.2 – Free speech therapy software widget will  speak everything you write in it.
    This Widget will speak through your computers speakers whatever text you choose to put into the box.
  • SCICA Speech 0.2a – SCICA Speech is a free, useful and simple text-to-speech application which allows you to change the volume, rate, and voice of the speaker in addition to saving speech output to a wave file.
  • Speech Recognition System 1 – free speech recognition software used to transform words into electronic text or commands. Speech recognition provides the possibility of converting words pronounced by human into electronic text or commands.
  • Speech Therapy Manager – Free Speech Therapy Manager time scheduler software. more>> With Therapy Manager you can create time remainders for therapies. With Therapy Manager you wont miss another important date in your life
  • Text2Speech – Free Speech Therapy software that is a powerful and easy to use text to speech (TTS) application

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